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Inspired by their passion for spaces and objects, designer Maud van Rijn and Catelijn Ooteman initiated Cabana Atelier. Cabana Atelier is a place where we design and create ‘artisanal’ items which give an extra ‘twist’ to our interiors. Our designs are inspired by our predilection for weathered materials, exiting colour pigments and imperfect shapes.


Cabana Atelier is our laboratory where craft and spatial atmosphere blend and perfectly come together. With a tendency for nostalgia, we aim to create our own world in the present time. In doing so, we play with classics and revitalize ‘vintage’ to achieve contemporary interiors. An example is the ‘Matisse’ illumination collection is inspired by the work of Henri Matisse;‘vibrant, enchanted and optimistic’. By altering the materials used we have twisted there cognizable and trusted shapes of the pendant lamps. For this symbolizes the cutting edge borderline between contemporary design and craftsmanship. In the cooperation with Cor Unum and 360 Volt both worlds perfectly coincide.


Interior design
Interior designer
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